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Age of Sail Navy and Pirates Overview

Age of Sail Navy and Pirates Game

Thousands of ships are scattered throughout the world and the ocean has no more boundaries! There are several civilizations that collided in the dark ocean, during the 16th-century from the rise of European, through the link between the New and Old world, pursuing absolute power on ruling the ocean. Assume the role of the most feared pirates ‘captain and sail the legendary pirate ships against the royal navy, raise the black flag and take the helm to sail through battles and raids!

Every warship is designed with not only historical accuracy but also artistic imagination. Both fantastic 3D graphics and dynamic combat will get you hooked on the game from the moment you start playing.


Dozens of Flagships
Restore accurately more than 25 famous sailboats worldwide, including but not only the Flying Dutchman, Queen Anne’s Revenge and the Black Pearl. Leveling up your sailboats has always been the key in Age of sail.

Build 3 types of warships for different uses, Frigate, Corvette and Gunboat, expand your fleets and enhance your strength!

Shipborne Legions
Construct your own battle formation: position distinguished soldiers and weapons for your sailing flagships, unlock different fighting skills and win warfare to great strategies!

Empire Building
Build your naval base, train soldiers, research technologies, collect extraordinary flagships, challenge immoral pirates and compete for power and resources.

Explore an uncharted world! Upgrade your flagships, earn more and give to play your advantages in battle!

Stunning 3D graphics
Rewards for completing a variety of events
Fierce and thrilling battles with players from all over the world
Alliances and communities in extraordinary communication experience
1 to 1 VIP service

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Attention! Age of Sail: Navy & Pirates is free to download and play, but some items and features can also be purchased for real money. If you do not wish to use these features, please configure your settings in your Google Play Store app and set up password protection for purchases.

NOTE: A network connection is required.

Overview Game Source: Age of Sail Navy and Pirates Google Play

Age of Sail Navy and Pirates Hack APK

Age of Sail Navy and Pirates APK mod hack

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Videos of Age of Sail Navy and Pirates Hack APK

In addition to these skill differences, the gameplay that is presented remains the same, namely protecting and colonizing other regions.

You can buy Unlimited Beef, Unlimited Wood, Unlimited Iron, and Unlimited Endurance with Unlimited Money obtained from Age of Sail Navy and Pirates mod apk. The collected services are used to upgrade the desired structure. You may also order luxury products in supermarkets, such as instant or shield acceleration.

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