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Mecha Girls Turn-based RPG

Artery Gear Overview

Artery Gear: Fusion

The Puppets are coming, and a full-scale war begins – the mech girl strategy RPG “”Artery Gear: Fusion”” invites you to the battlefield of doomsday!
Gather a team of mech girls to fight the brutal “”Puppets”” that devour the world. Dazzling skill special effects, feel the gorgeous and refreshing visual and auditory battle feast. Plan skill combinations and enjoy the fun of strategic battles. More than 100 beautiful mech girls with distinctive characteristics will fight side by side with you. Commander, this battle needs your participation!
【Game Features】
Apocalyptic Story – A dark and profound apocalyptic epic
The Puppet War is about to break out, and the human world hangs by a thread, but the two remaining forces, “”Frontier”” and “”Autoluna””, don’t trust each other and cannot reach a comprehensive strategic cooperation… The doomsday, people’s hearts and war, the truth of the world will slowly emerge.
You will transform into a joint fleet formed by the two forces, the commander of “”Union””, and lead the mech girl squad known as “”Artery Gear”” to fight against the unknown creature “”Puppet””.

Developed by BILIBILI
Role Playing, Turn-based RPG, Casual, Single player, Stylized, Anime,

Artery Gear Hack APK

Artery Gear Hack APK

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