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Fight For America Overview

Fight For America: Country War

Fight for America is a tactical and military tower defense game where you – a commander of a military army, must battle your way across the country in a quest for conquest, liberating one state after state, preventing potential takeover attempts by your rivals and showing your patriotism in the army games at its fullest potential. The risk of civil war increases when the state is at risk of city takeover, and sometimes it takes more than just a machine gun to win on the military games battlefield.

With a focus on both military and base defense army games, you must defend your own military base with weapons while also attacking enemy bases on the battlefield of the military games in a race to conquer the city of country wars, to end this war and stop the conflict of the state! . The army games features a variety of different countryballs as enemies, each with their own unique country wars strengths and weaknesses. The risk of failure becomes greater in the military games with new passing waves. Quick reflexes of the state and strategic planning on the army games are crucial to survive the onslaught of enemies and make it through each country wars state challenge.

As a state commander of the army, you must use any kind of military turret, machine gun, weapons and army games warfare tactics to defeat these enemies on the military games battlefield, protect from city takeover, fight off rivals military games and ultimately triumph in the fight for America’s conquest in the army games

Developed by Homa
Strategy, Tower defense, Casual, Single player, Stylized, Offline,

Fight For America Hack APK

Fight For America Hack APK

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