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Garena Undawn Overview

Garena Undawn

Experience the thrill of UNDAWN on the new Mt. Ollie map, featuring new professions, daily challenges, bosses, game modes, and various optimizations!

[Fair & New PvP Experience]
– Enhanced Fairness: The upcoming season redefines balance with revamped rules for training matches and PvP custom rooms. Character attributes will no longer be swayed by individual growth systems, ensuring that external factors don’t skew in-game performance. Gold-quality skill chips are set to start at level 1, featuring balanced passive effects for a truly even playing field.
– New Modes: Immerse yourself in the explosive new training game mode: Blasting Mode. Kick off the new season with a stage reset and embark on a fresh journey filled with rich rewards.

[Daily Mission Revamp]
– Reduced Burden: Routine tasks, including Settlement Missions, Stronghold Patrol, Outpost Commission, and Daily Ops, now feature automatic combat to alleviate the player’s grind. Accumulating 20 activity points in [Schedule] tasks now yields the full daily XP reward. Moreover, completing daily activities also secures extra activity points and survival pass XP bonuses.

Developed by Archosaur Games
, #7 top grossing role playing, Role Playing,

Garena Undawn Hack APK

Garena Undawn Hack APK

✓ Unlimited Money
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