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Girl Alone Overview

Girl Alone Game

I live here by myself.
Why do I live alone? Well, that’s because….

Girl Alone is a story about “”””Me”””” and a “”””Mysterious girl”””” living together.
By talking to you, the girl starts to learn about the outside world. Little by little, your communication with the girl makes her grow up on the inside and gives her the courage to go outside the house.

You are her only friend who can lead her to the outside world.
Help her become brave so that she can take a step outside of her little world.

・Talk to the girl. Have lots of conversations with the girl to be friends with her.

・Dust bunnies are often found in the girl’s home. Clean her house to earn money and increase Intimacy level.

・Play mini games in the part-time job buildings. Level up the building to give the girl nicer presents.

・Go on a date in town. You can take a walk in the park or go to the amusement park using Premium Tickets.

・Have a pet. Pets can be another way for the girl to communicate with the outside world.

・Dress her up with costumes to increase Intimacy level. Watching her happy will make you feel happy too.

Soon, the time to say goodbye to the girl will come while you’re enjoying talking to her, dressing her up, and helping her learn more about the world. At the end, the girl’s secret will be revealed!
Some unexpected twists will surprise you. Enjoy the multiple endings!

Follow us on SNS to keep the girl company.
Facebook :
We improve ourselves with communication. Please keep watching the
girl grow.””

Overview Game Source: Girl Alone Google Play

Girl Alone Hack APK

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Videos of Girl Alone Hack APK

At the end, this game is really fun, from decorating rooms to different things that you can do with this lady.

Use Girl Alone mod apk to get gold, premium, and extra conversations by using the unlimited money option.

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