Gokudo City Hack APK Unlimited Diamonds Unlock VIP

Get Unlimited Diamonds and Unlock VIP 13 with the Gokudo City hack apk. The VIP 13 status comes with a slew of extra perks. Dastan, NRG Limit for Blind Date +16, STA Cap for Travel +16, and Chance of Activating Gokudo Luck +4 are all available for the character Kobun. There are several other advantages present, each of which has a major effect on the game’s outcome.

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Gokudo City Overview

Gokudo City Game

Gokudo City is a simulation and strategy mobile RPG, players will became a leader of Gokudo City ( a kind of Japanese mafia ), leading your organization to climb to the top of underworld.
The stage is modern Japan, you are a gangster being appreciated by your team leader. To achieve you ambition —— become the godfather of underworld, you will lead your members to fight against other gangs.
It’s a wonderful new world just for you.


Promotion: From a gangster to the godfather, take effort to promote your level.
Organization: Operate your gang’s property, accumulate wealth to develop members and equipment
Recruitment: Recruit or persuade different talented people work for you. Upgrade them, as they get stronger, your gang will become greater over than others.
Sociality: Encounter different kinds of confidants, take them home and build your harem of beauties.
Story: Series of events to form a plot that descript the legendary life of a godfather.
Succession: Develop children, expand your relationship with other players by political marriage.

So, release your enthusiasm and energy now! Life needs a bit of gore and guns and madness!

Overview Game Source: Gokudo City Google Play

Gokudo City Hack APK

Gokudo City APK mod hack

✓ Get Unlimited Diamonds, Unlock VIP
✓ No root, Android compliant
✓ Apps must be installed on same devices

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Videos of Gokudo City Hack APK

You have a dark history and will succeed when you join Gokudo, a mafia organization.

You can get Unlimited money, Unlimited Crates, and Unlimited Recruiting Orders by using the Gokudo City mod apk. The organization’s operating requirements are funded by Unlimited Money and boxes. The Recruiting Order, on the other side, is used to prepare as many underlings as necessary. You may also use diamonds to acquire high-end products like company seals, flowers, diamond rings, or the perfect packages to help you extend your territories.

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