Haru Cats Hack APK Unlimited Money

Slide blocks, cats rock: chill with this cute, fun, smart puzzle game!

Haru Cats Overview

Haru Cats: Cute Sliding Puzzle

🌈 Slide into Delight with Haru Cats: Cute Sliding Puzzle! 🐾

Welcome to a world where adorable challenges and captivating sliding puzzles await. This enchanting and free block puzzle game is perfect for relaxing your mind 🧠 and enjoying a purrfectly fun time with the cutest kittens ever 😻. Slide blocks to create complete lines, enjoy the leisurely pace, and engage your brain with our special cats. With no pressure and no time limits, it’s the ideal blend of challenge, cuteness, and endless fun!

πŸ”₯ Unleash the Purr Power: Special Cats Revealed πŸ”₯

Engage in an adventure with every slide, thanks to our unique cats:
– ⚑ Lightning Cats: Zap rows with electrifying ease!
– πŸ”’ Sealed Cats: Unleash hidden potential and watch them multiply!
– ❄️ Frozen Cats: Thaw their icy barriers with strategic slides!
– πŸ’£ Bombing Cats: Defuse or use their explosive antics to your advantage!
– 🐱 Haru the Cat: Your fluffy guide through thick and thin, mastering puzzles with a swish of his chunky tail.

Developed by Hyper Cats Studio
Puzzle, Sliding, Casual, Single player, Stylized, Cartoon, Offline,

Haru Cats Hack APK

Haru Cats Hack APK

βœ“ Unlimited Money
Money will not decrease after purchase

βœ“ No need to root, for Android
βœ“ Need to install the app on same device
βœ“ Install instruction on download page

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