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Laia’s house have a secret inside. Find out in this intriguing game.

Haunted Laia Overview

Haunted Laia

A new family has arrived in Hidden Town, but since the day they moved in, they have been harassed by strange presences in their own home, until a few days later they disappeared without a trace. What happened? Where are they? Help Laia solve the mystery and reveal the secrets behind her disappearance.

Haunted Laia is the fifth episode of the Hidden Town escape room games series. In this point and click escape puzzle game, you must navigate through your memories to discover how you got to where you are and escape to rescue your family and return home.

The Dark Dome escape room games can be played in any order you like. They are all connected to each other in one way or another. Little by little all the mysteries of Hidden Town will be revealed. This horror escape mystery game has connections to The Ghost Case and Another Shadow

Developed by Springcomes
Adventure, Puzzle-adventure, Casual, Single player, Stylized, Offline,

Haunted Laia Hack APK

Haunted Laia Hack APK

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