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Heroines Fantasy Overview

Heroines Fantasy Game

We are exciting to publish a new version of Lies of Astaroth: today. It is a traditional card TCG, Des game, but with bright interface and ever greatest game feelings.

is a cartoon-style, fantasy online card game, running on Mobile phone platforms. Players set their decks with massive various kinds of cards, and plus skills setup to confront those powerful rivals. Current cards in the game are four races, and we will release a new one called Demon in later this year. Apart from those special characteristics of cards that base on different races, cards also have their own skill development, talents, and advantages. Game event systems include War of Boss, Clan War, Mazes, Hunting Thieves, Dungeons, Demon adventures.

Game Features:
1. Almost all cards can be collected from Map stages, Mazes, Dungeons, Malls, Fragments Crafting, Card Packages, but a small group cards’, which are more powerful, collecting need to be relay on lucky and personal wealthy. So, will not lose game balance because of a rich player.

2. Each spot is set with three kinds of rewards from three different conquer conditions. The better rewards are also require the harder competition. Moreover, mystery spots are appearing with conditions, as well, and they are waiting for your discovery. Finally, nightmare difficulty spots are another step for players’ game challenge.

3. Clan system offers a way that not only to upgrade your attribute, but there is also a way to invite other players to set a team.

4. Arena, a place to loot fragments from others after beating them. Fighting for a rank is also for better rewards. Winner takes all!

5. Demon Invasion is a new system in this version. Although, thousands of warriors were killed in the cruel fighting, thousands of warriors are waiting for the challenge. Who is going to stand to the final?

6. Dungeons, a system with more powerful enemies in each level. They are set with new skills, card decks. Only after conquering the level can you reach a fabulous reward.

Overview Game Source: Heroines Fantasy Google Play

Heroines Fantasy Hack APK

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Videos of Heroines Fantasy Hack APK

In this game, you have several different activities to participate in. When you’ve found your favorite character, use the cards in the deck to bring him to life.

You must acquire a variety of cards in order to reinforce the forces. Later on, the card will show the hero’s power, which you can summon. Hero cards can be bought at any time using Heroines Fantasy mod apk’ Unlimited Money.

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