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Idle Legends Overview

Idle Legends

After a year of creation, through efforts and hard work to improve graphics and gameplay, the strategy mobile game “”Idle Legends”” designed specifically for casual game lovers is finally released!

Idle Legends is an arena card game containing Japanese-Western style anime characters. Each character in the game is made in detail. Flamboyant effects and ultimate weapon guaranteed to make you addicted! This game adopts an elemental system consisting of elements that mutually reinforce and hold each other. There are hundreds of gods with unique skills in this game. When upgraded, will get a new skill or attribute other elements. You can match each other elves and relics freely to create a strong army and embark on an adventure journey. Are you ready to start this new adventure? Don’t miss this exciting game!

Game Features
[Character Aesthetic Image]
Beautiful graphics accompanied by beautiful characters and creative battle scenes present a feeling of battle that triggers adrenaline.

Developed by EYOUGAME(US)
Role Playing, Casual, Multiplayer, Competitive multiplayer, Single player, Stylized,

Idle Legends Hack APK

Idle Legends Hack APK

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