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2D MMORPG! Kakele is a PC and Mobile MMORPG! Pixel art and open world.

Kakele Online Overview

Kakele Online - Mobile MMORPG

Kakele is a Mobile MMORPG! It is also a 2D MMORPG! It is a nostalgic multiplayer open world nostalgic top down pixel art real time role playing game.

✔︎ Play on Mobile and PC!
✔︎ NO pay to win! Optional ads! Play for FREE! Play to earn!
✔︎ Train your pets, including a Capybara!
✔︎ Regular updates! The game is in active development with new updates every few months!
✔︎ New redesigned pixel art graphics, sound and music!
✔︎ Customization! Customize your outfit, build your own house, upgrade your equipment!
✔︎ Play with 5 different vocations! Each vocation with unique attributes, weapons and spells!
✔︎ Persistent game world! Map items, quest puzzles and world market!
✔︎ Open PvP and Optional PvP modes available. Guilds and PvP War systems available!
✔︎ Over 200 quests and tasks to complete!
✔︎ Huge map with more than 100000 tiles, 100+ NPCs!

Developed by ViVa Games LLC
Role Playing, MMORPG, Casual, Multiplayer, Competitive multiplayer, Stylized, Pixelated,

Kakele Online Hack APK

Kakele Online Hack APK

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