Land of Dragons Hack APK Unlimited Dragon Orbs

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Land of Dragons Overview

Land of Dragons Game

Go on a magical adventure, Complete Quests, and Build your dream farm, Evolve your dragons to Learn the story and unravel the mystery of the Lost Kingdom of Deltora!

The Dragons lived in peace for a thousand years, in a calm fantasy world in the sky. Then the dark smog covered the sky and cast a shadow on the land. Then the Zombie Orcs emerged from their castle to wreak havoc upon the world. The war lasted a hundred years, the dragons fought for survival, but it wasn’t enough to stop the zombies, and eventually, the battle was lost. Not a single soul survived. Legend says a true hero, a dragon master, will rise to bring back freedom for the dragons and their home, the magic empire of Deltora. The fate of the kingdom is in your hands. Do you have what it takes?
Great power lies in your hands… The magical power to match and merge everything and evolve them, and to lead the dragons to heal the land and build a perfect home for the dragons! Hatch Dragon Eggs to save the Dragons and raise a Dragon Army! Discover all the Dragon Breeds and add them to your Dragon Book!
Match and Merge everything: Dragon Eggs, Heart Blooms, Fruit Trees, Stars, and Magical Creatures. Fight Monster Zombie Orcs to find treasure chests!

Match items and solve a mystery in every challenging puzzle level. Merge Terra Statues to heal the land and bring your level rewards back to your garden in Deltora to collect and merge!

Trade with the salesman that’s traveled all the way from a faraway kingdom to help you on your journey!

Complete your Daily Quest and try your luck to win cool new items for your world!

Connect and chat with your friends, join a House, and create teams to play with your friends!

And much more to discover and enjoy!

Wow! New Dragon World features added in the new update:

• Take part in the Events and win new Dragons and other items to take back to your farm in Deltora
• Go online to join a House and play together with your friends
• Improved art, graphics and design
• More new levels to play
• Amazing new items
• New Dragon Breeds to discover and collect

More Dragon World features:

• Collect Dragons
Find and merge Dragon Eggs to hatch baby dragons
Merge dragons to earn more dragon power and take back Deltora gardens
Raise your dragon army and build a dragon empire

• Match and Merge
Discover amazing items to match and harvest
Drag 3 similar items next to each other to evolve them and create a better item
Free the Terra Statues from the Zombie Orcs Evil Spell, merge them to solve the puzzle and win the level
Merge the dragons and watch them grow into new more powerful dragons

• Social Perks
Add your friends and visit their garden
Be social, chat, interact, and share your strategy and tips and tricks with other dragon masters
Join a house or create your own team
Give and receive gifts and rewards from your friends
Become a champion! Earn points and reach the top
Share your progress with your friends on Facebook

• Building Your Garden
Raise different Dragon breeds to clear the Dark Smog
Have your dragons harvest Life Elixir from Heart Blooms and Heart Trees
Use Life Elixir to heal the land and take back the dragons home
Decorate your garden with different beautiful and useful items

• Test Your Puzzle Solving Skills
Discover Secret Levels in the map and unlock new chapters
Search for hidden Dragon Eggs
Plan your moves wisely to solve tricky puzzles to challenge your brain and win rewards
Lead your dragons on this journey to fight and beat evil zombie orcs with their fire blaze
Complete quests to earn stars, and collect rewards for your farm

Download now from Google Play Store to discover more fun!

Dragon World – Free Merge and Match Puzzle Game is brought to you by FMGames.
This game can be played for free, however, extra items such as Dragon Orbs can be purchased.
Optimized for Mobile and Tablet devices. This game CAN BE PLAYED OFFLINE. You may need to go online to access some features.

Overview Game Source: Land of Dragons Google Play

Land of Dragons Hack APK

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Videos of Land of Dragons Hack APK

Find dragon eggs and mix them together to make a dragon loaded with magic.

Video Status: Removed by dmca request

With Land of Dragons mod apk, you can get unlimited money. Using the mod, build a home with a range of luxury pieces.

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