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World-renowned Fantasy JRPG

Langrisser SEA Overview

Langrisser SEA

Langrisser’s brand-new major update “Melody of Azure Dreams“is ready to whisk you away to a land of legend and intrigue, as a mysterious singer chants a hymn of redemption, and a dark envoy punishes evil, resolutely upholding justice in the face of tyranny… New SSR Heroes Nymph and Tatalia are now ready to make their earth-shaking debut! A new main story chapter begins as the epic tale of the Swordsmith Legion continues! A new Covenant descends upon the mortal world, as Loki graces the battlefield in new “Kingdom of the Aurora” stages! Once more, limited-edition Echo of Light skins are waiting for you, Commander! New skins for the Mermaid Singer and the Flower of Hope are yours for the taking! And of course, the Golden Sea of Endless Voyages is back! Hit the high seas in a uniquely riveting Roguelike adventure!

Legendary Japanese Strategy RPG Langrisser is back with a mobile reboot unlike any other. We invite you to join us on a new adventure overseen by Langrisser’s original developers, featuring the voiceover talents of the game’s original cast, and accompanied by the world-class music of Langrisser’s original composer, Noriyuki Iwadare! Relive the classic strategy of the original series, discover a new and thrilling storyline, and create your own legend in an epic fantasy world!

Developed by ZlongGames

Langrisser SEA Hack APK

Langrisser SEA Hack APK

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