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My Derp Overview

My Derp Game

Meet your Derp: NOT the cute lovely boring virtual pet you are used to. Be prepared for some action while you take care of him in this impossible and weird adventure. Derp will burp, poop, get really dirty and get himself into freaky accidents you can’t even imagine! Can you keep him alive?

Try to keep him well fed, healthy and clean long enough to bring Derp into adulthood and to unlock secret shapes. Play the super fun box minigame and earn coins to buy food, medical supplies and several other items to make sure Derp is surviving his own hash. But be extra careful: accidents such as a huge fire or a bug attack will put Derp’s little life at risk all the time, and it’s your job to protect him!

But don’t get too sad when Derp dies, his life will end eventually. So, YOLO! Play with him, bang his head against a brick wall and make sure he makes the most out of his (short) messy troubled life! Another one is just around the corner and your crazy and very difficult journey will begin again. Nurse this yucky strange virtual pet and compete with yourself for higher scores!

• Easy to play but very hard to master
• Follow Derp’s development from an egg to an adult Derp
• Fill the collection of pictures that keeps track of Derp’s ups and downs
• Earn coins and buy stuff from the market to feed, clean and heal Derp
• Quick play: it is very hard to maintain Derp’s life in a challenging time and activities management game
• Deal with crisis situations by using the correct items from the market, as the bucket of water and insecticide
• Prove yourself rapid and resilient by putting up to all Derp’s eschatological funny life

May your Derp’s memory never be forgotten!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Overview Game Source: My Derp Google Play

My Derp Hack APK

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Videos of My Derp Hack APK

Don’t let him reach the derpitude process, still love him as your own pet is. Treat yourself and always invite you to play for fun.

My Derp mod apk send you an unlimited money. You will use them without difficulties to lift your derp.

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