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My Forged Wedding Party Overview

My Forged Wedding Party Game

“”Please…marry me! It’s only for three months…””
Though you just met…suddenly you’re married?!
You find yourself in a contract of fake marriage for three months…
But at the end of it all, what will become of you and your new husband?
Will your love, which started as a lie, become true love after all?

Free to download and free to play, now you can enjoy a fun new romance with several attractive men!
Now available in English for the first time, the wildly popular Romance Drama Application “”My Forged Wedding: PARTY””!

“”My Forged Wedding: PARTY”” Content Overview
=How to Play=
Playing “”My Forged Wedding: PARTY”” is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1. Open the app and tap “”New Game””
2. Choose your favorite attractive new husband!
3. As you read the story, change your avatars, outfits, and defeat your rivals to get his one and only true love’s kiss!
4. A sweet, romantic happy ending is waiting for you!

You come to a certain cafe to arrange the first meeting between your new fiance and your parents. After being introduced to the five attractive men who are frequent visitors, you are given an envelope.
Inside is a note from your fiance…breaking off your engagement!
“”But, why…?!””
Your parents seem so happy to see you engaged that you can’t tell them the truth…
Then, suddenly, a voice says,
“”Sorry to keep you waiting…””
Could it be… one of the men you’ve just met?!

“”I’m your daughter’s fiance.””

Next thing you know, you’ve agreed to enter into a fake marriage!
But what will become of your relationship in the end…?!

=Other Exciting Game Content=
Suddenly, you’re his new wife, but no one can know that your marriage is a fake.
Play the part of a housewife and use your “”Charm”” and “”Wife Points”” to win his heart!

-Increase “”Charm”” with Avatars and Interiors-
Your avatar is your in-game personality!
She can wear trendy clothes, hairstyles, make-up and accessories which you can make into eye-catching outfits.
Collect interior items and decorate your new house to enjoy a lovely newlywed life with your gorgeous new husband!!
As your “”Charm”” increases, so will your new husband’s infatuation with his bride! Use Gacha Points to get your interiors to decolate your house!

-Increase “”Wife Points”” and get Gacha Points by winning Cooking Battles-
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…?!
Increase your “”Wife Points”” and get Gacha Points by cooking. He won’t fall for you any other way, so you have to keep trying every day and save those points!

Any questions or problems can be addressed through the “”FAQ/Support”” menu within the application. (Tap the “”Support”” button on the lower right hand corner of the application screen.)
We are unable to respond in regard to comments made in our reviews. Thank you for your support and understanding.
Before enjoying “”My Forged Wedding: PARTY””, please check the following points.
・Endings change based on the choices you make
Suddenly find yourself even closer to your darling based on the choices you make in the game! The ending of your story depends on you!

This app is available on Android devices that support Adobe Flash
(Android 2.1 or higher is required; Android 2.2 or higher is recommended.)
If the app is not available, please use it from your browser.

Overview Game Source: My Forged Wedding Party Google Play

My Forged Wedding Party Hack APK

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Who do you think is this game’s favorite male character?

If your charm and wife points are big, the tale can shift. As a consequence, you can use My Forged Wedding Party mod apk to purchase tickets or products that raise charisma.

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