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I don’t want to be a grumpy guy, so I use My Grumpy hack apk to play. It was nice to encounter such helpful people. I’ve been searching for you all this time and have now found you. I then earned an unlimited Coins and Gems as a part of it! Isn’t that cool?

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My Grumpy Overview

My Grumpy Game

You might have pulled all kinds of pranks on Mr. Grumpy, but now you can have him as a pet with fun games!

Adopt mr. Grumpy as your cute virtual pet and keep annoying him whenever you feel like it! Give him a happy family, keep him clean and well fed and maybe he’ll even grow to hate you a little less!

Hum…no, he won’t.


🐻TAKE CARE of mr. Grumpy as your own cute and moody virtual pet. Shower, feed, pet and be the family he never ever wished for!

🐻DISCOVER new games pranks and tricks to pull on your cranky pet and have fun with his funny (over) reactions in cute mini games (fun games)

🐻CUSTOMIZE mr. Grumpy with funny hats, ties, glasses and clothes! He absolutely loves to be dressed in cute little puppy games outfits, he just has a very different way of showing it!

🐻DECORATE your pet marmot’s home and make yourself comfortable: having people breach his personal space filled with fun games is one of mr. Grumpy favorite things in life!

Play mini games and spend quality time with your new virtual pet, mr.Grumpy and make him feel loved and cared for like the little marmot he is deep down in the most marmotful of games. Making him feel good might be harder than winning the lottery, we know, but cranky might just be the new happy in puppy games lingo!

How to play mini games and take care of a virtual marmot in games? Feed him overly spicy food without warning him first, wake him up with a good old scare and pull cartoon-worthy pranks on him all day! It’s simple like puppy games!

Games and mini games can never match this level of cheerfulness! Adopt mr.Grumpy now!

He simply can’t wait to play fun games with you!

Please note! This virtual pet game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Overview Game Source: My Grumpy Google Play

My Grumpy Hack APK

My Grumpy APK mod hack

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✓ No root, Android compliant
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Videos of My Grumpy Hack APK

While still pouting, he’s very adorable. You must treat him like a real animal, like giving food, asking to play, and cleaning it.

You’ll need a ton of calories or potions to keep grumpy satisfied. So I still use My Grumpy’s Unlimited Money mod apk to help me have a supply of food and medication.

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