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Offline ninja Ryuko game about shadow fighting between samurai and ninja hunter!

Ninja Ryuko Overview

Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game

Are you looking for a ninja shadow fight battle game with a blend of ninja warrior and samurai regions fighting gameplay? Ryuko Rpg is a shadow ninja game packed with five regions of Kurome, addictive gameplay, epic boss fights, offline battles, and an open world adventure gameplay experience.
A realistic shadow fighting game with unique regions in which the ninja will have to defend his land!


Ryuko Shadow Hunter:Ninja Game
Kurome was a land of regions with shadow ninja warriors but the people were corrupted due to greed. They occupied more regions and they continued fighting in the dark shadow. Ryuko is a young and brave shadow ninja who enters Kurome in search of Taguchi Sensei ending corruption in the regions.

Developed by Monstermob USA
Role Playing, Action Role-Playing, Single player, Stylized,

Ninja Ryuko Hack APK

Ninja Ryuko Hack APK

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