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NU: Carnival – Bliss is an animated BL game with Japanese VAs and stunning art.

NU Carnival Overview

NU: Carnival - Bliss

Long ago, to calm the elemental spirits causing chaos across the Klein Continent, Grand Sorcerer Huey placed elemental gemstones capable of regulating nature in five altars, protecting them with magic seals. Every decade, Huey would take his clan members to visit the altars to maintain the gemstones. However, twenty years ago, Huey vanished. With no one to regulate the gemstones, the equilibrium was slowly lost, leading to natural disasters and the spread of the Dead Zone. That’s when Huey’s familiars summoned the main character from another world: Eiden.

Following his arrival on the Klein Continent, Eiden assumes the mission of the vanished Grand Sorcerer. He learns to regulate his essence—similar to Huey’s—and engages in “”intimate exchanges”” with the clan members—trying to grasp essence—to release the seal of the neon gemstone and restore its power.

[Conclude contracts with clan members: spend blissful times with enchanting characters]
You can select your favorite character to appear on your home screen. A noble knight, a friendly priest, a powerful lord, a confounding fox yokai… Each clan member has his own exclusive main story chapter and side stories to fully flesh out their characters. Exclusive events let you obtain clan members with special outfits and enjoy exciting storylines. Set off on a journey on the Klein Continent with companions from a new world!

Developed by Exptional Global
Role Playing, Casual, Single player, Stylized, Anime, Offline,

NU Carnival Hack APK

NU Carnival Hack APK

✓ Unlimited Money
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