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Otome Is It Love Gabriel Overview

Otome Is It Love Gabriel Game

From extravagant gifts, romantic weekend trips and even passion at the office, you are living the dream with the brilliant businessman, Gabriel Simons. But your ambitious manager never hid his career plans from you, and for this workaholic, there is nothing simple about combining his professional and personal lives. When ghosts from the past come back to haunt your relationship and shake up your daily routine, nothing is as it should be!
Learn the secrets of the employees of Carter Corp in this new season of “Gabriel”.
Are you ready to find out who your friends and coworkers really are? What do you actually know about Gabriel Simons? Everyone has their secrets, yourself included. Will you decide to reveal them?
Passion, mystery, doubt. Your heart is put to the test, and this time you may not make it out unscathed!

What’s new?

♦ 40 remastered decors.
♦ No obligation to play Season 1: start wherever you want!
♦ 16 new secret scenes.
♦ Trips from New York to Miami, with a stop off in Atlantic City.
♦ The possibility to replay your favorite chapters.

What hasn’t changed?

♦ A sexy romance full of emotion.
♦ Choices that influence your own personal story.
♦ A new chapter every 3 weeks.
♦ Several possible endings.

The Cast:
Gabriel Simons – Manager
Ambitious, passionate, calculating, tactile
28 years old

Matt Ortega – Graphic Designer
Playful, sensitive, creative, athletic
25 years old

Mark Leviels – Branch Director
Intellectual, workaholic, calm, accessible
28 years old

Jake Stewart – Bodyguard
Sincere, faithful, helpful, attentive
29 years old

Follow us:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isitlovegames/
Twitter: https://twitter(.)com/isitlovegames
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/weareisitlovegames/

Got any problems or questions?
Contact our in-game support team by clicking on Menu and then Support.

Our story:
1492 Studio is based in Montpellier, France. It was co-founded in 2014 by Claire and Thibaud Zamora, two entrepreneurs with over twenty years’ experience in the freemium game industry. Acquired by Ubisoft in 2018, the studio has forged ahead in creating interactive stories in the form of visual novels, further enriching the content of their “”Is It Love?”” series. With a total of fourteen mobile applications with more than 60 million downloads to date, 1492 Studio designs games that take players on a journey through worlds that are rich in intrigue, suspense and, of course, romance. The studio continues to provide live games by creating additional content and keeping in touch with a strong and active fan base while working on upcoming projects.

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Is It Love? Gabriel is an otome with very interesting stories, personalities and pictures. This game provides a long story with a lot of romance. This is one of the incredible 1492 studio games.

The players were fascinated by the story’s ending. Some also offer to acquire a walkthrough in order to obtain the best story. The Unlimited Energy Otome Is It Love Gabriel mod apk can always quench the thirst of players who are curious about this novel.

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