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You can use unlimited coins in Park Escape hack apk. Hints are bought with coins. The symbol itself is fascinating, since it represents a cellphone used to call individuals who may be called for assistance.

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Park Escape Overview

Park Escape Game

The neon light twinkling in the night, it not only shows vigorous nightlife, but also covers countless darkness. In the past month, numbers of children were mysteriously missing. This series of uncanny missing seems to be inextricably linked to an amusement park, which has been abandoned for many years…

However, it is the haunted mysterious rumours that truly makes people frightened. They arose right after Top Detective had claimed to drop the investigations. What exactly happened? A cold-blooded murderer? Or the vicious devil in those rumours?

The rookie detective who just graduated from the police school received an urgent order from his superior. They must solve the case and rescue the missing childre within 2 weeks.

What secret is hidden in this abandoned amusement park? Can they complete the mission and rescue the missing children?

Overview Game Source: Park Escape Google Play

Park Escape Hack APK

Park Escape APK mod hack

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Park Escape isn’t “”a new escape room game.”” The mysterious garden with a dark and mysterious nuance makes it very exciting to pursue your investigations with the policemen Liang Bowen and Han Qiuyu. In addition, this game is free, there is no excuse not to play it.

Park Escape mod apk give you Unlimited money, enabling you to use hints at any time. Running games become simple and fast as a result of this.

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