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Ramboat 2 Overview

Ramboat 2 Game

The world is in danger again, the time has come: take your weapon, shoot the enemies and destroy the final bosses that will appear throughout the frenetic stages that await you.

Get ready to fight enemies of all kinds: paratroopers ready to shoot you at all costs, air combat planes that fly over your head dropping powerful bombs, helicopters with large machine guns ready to burst, tanks with incendiary ammunition… It will be a very tough war, fortunately you wont’t need an internet connection to destroy your enemies, play this offline game anywhere.

To win this war you will have a large arsenal of weapons and grenades at your disposal: machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns and a wide variety of grenades will be your allies against the enemy.

And what about if you need to equip yourself even better? You have to be prepared for battle, that’s why you have many gadgets in the store: headbands and masks so that enemies don’t recognize you, goggles and telescopic sights to aim from great distances (like a sniper), bulletproof vest that absorb impacts, camouflage paint that makes you invisible in the jungle… and of course a great choice of t-shirts and pants to keep you on trend!

During your mission you will not be alone. The armed forces will provide you with different vehicles to help you destroy the enemy once and for all: ride a horse to jump higher and run faster, ride a jet ski to conquer rivers, ride a motorcycle while shooting enemy troops, and best of all, you can put on a metallic flying suit… you will be a metal soldier!

This game is very easy to play: keep your finger pressed on the screen to move forward, stop pressing to move backwards, swipe to jump and dash, press the grenade button to deliver a devastating blow. How to shoot and kill enemies? Just get near them and the bullets from your gun will visit them.

Do you want to play freely everywhere? Don’t worry, Ramboat 2 is the offline runner you are going to enjoy, there is no wifi required, just start and play.

Don’t hesitate anymore, lock and load!

Overview Game Source: Ramboat 2 Google Play

Ramboat 2 Hack APK

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Finally, in the first robot the feeling of “”rush”” is no longer felt, in particular after the game began to be commercial with the inclusion of a mobage system such as the resistance and loot box. Moreover, the lack of other characters to play here makes the game less appealing for those who don’t like the metal soldier’s main character.

Ramboat 2 mod apk allow you to gain an unlimited money. You will use them to win a number of victories and complete the most levels in the game.

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