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Rise of the Kings Overview

Rise of the Kings Game

A new war is upon us, with evil threatening both the innocent and the meek. Cries of agony ring out across the land, as various powerful factions fight for power and domination. The fate of this land now rests in your hands.

Traverse the many realms as you confront the full savagery and terror of the dark forces. Develop settlements, expand your territory, and build up your very own army to command. Monumental challenges await you!

Wizards, elves, and knights. Curious creatures and terrifying beasts. You’ll have many allies as you journey through this land, enlist them to aid you in battle. Victory smiles on those who wield power and strategy equally well.

Shrouded in darkness since time immemorial, these buildings patiently await their true master. Each building has its own unique and significant function, and your power will grow as your settlement does.

Once again, the forces of light and darkness clash, threatening to destroy existence itself. Unimaginable power is at stake – to possess it, is to possess the world. Players from every corner of the world stand with you – join with them in this epic war now!

Throughout the season, your power can be strengthened by joining an Alliance, expanding territory, collecting valuable resources, and defeating enemies. The experience and power that you gain through your conquests will help you overcome anything that stands in your way.

Anointed by fire, develop your Castle and forge an eternal empire.

Heroes have no fear. Are you ready to conquer and rule?

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Overview Game Source: Rise of the Kings Google Play

Rise of the Kings Hack APK

Rise of the Kings APK mod hack

✓ Get Unlimited Gems, Unlock VIP
✓ No root, Android compliant
✓ Apps must be installed on same devices

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Prove yourself as the real King as you create from scratch your Kingdom and conquer the entire Kingdom. Manage capital and boost citizens’ settlements. Train soldiers and form alliances to fight together with other Kings. Hunt for all monsters and kill enemies.

Using Rise of the Kings mod apk can also grant you Unlock VIP 10. One of the rewards of being a VIP 10 is that your rehabilitation bonus rises by 40% and your Monster March bonus increases by 50%.

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