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A realistic interactive crime story. Become a detective and solve murders.

Scriptic Overview

Scriptic: Interactive Dramas

Welcome to Scriptic®: Your Interactive Story Adventure

Discover a world where every tap on your phone dives you deeper into stories that bend to your choices. Scriptic® is like being in a movie, where you’re not just watching; you’re making the decisions that shape the story. Whether you love solving crimes, making tough calls in emergencies, or deciding the fate of characters in romantic tales, Scriptic® has a story for you.

Why Just Watch? Live the Story!

Imagine having the power to shape a story or solve a crime, all through your phone. With Scriptic®, every series turns your screen into a new world of interactive dramas and mysteries:
Be the detective in thrilling crime stories, using clues and conversations to crack the case.
Take on the role of an emergency dispatcher, where your quick thinking saves lives.
Negotiate tense situations as a hostage negotiator, where every text could make a difference.
Make judgment calls in courtroom dramas as a judge.
Find or lose love in romantic tales, guided by your heart and choices.

Developed by Electric Noir Studios
Adventure, Interactive story, Casual, Single player, Realistic,

Scriptic Hack APK

Scriptic Hack APK

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