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Scripts Untold Secrets Overview

Scripts Untold Secrets Game

💌Scripts: Romance Episode as one of the best interactive story games, contains plenty of stories for you to enjoy! Story themes include romance, adventure, horror, LGBTQ+, fantasy, mystery, and much more!

Platform Features
📔Read, interact, and create story all on one platform.
You can read a plethora of stories ranging from sweet romance to intense adventures, and select from a range of choices to decide your story’s course.
Immerse yourself in the stories on [Scripts: Romance Episode] and pick your soulmate.
Create and share your interactive stories. You could be the next star writer!

🎨Exquisite graphics and plenty of themes to immerse you in the unique worlds.

📑Experience the stories, interact with characters via the choices you make. These important choices decide your character’s fate!

🌈Choose your love interest freely in any ethnicity, gender, or orientation and talk about your love with many like-minded friends. Enjoy the game’s unique style and forge your own story’s course! There are stories from our top authors that you just can’t stop midway!

Choose your own romance! Here are some favorite stories from our readers:
🔥Forbidden Love
Story introduction: You’re a regular city girl searching for a career to move out of your dad’s apartment. You meet a clothes store assistant who changes your life. Will you choose family or love?

🔥My Nanny Lover
Story introduction: You’re a successful businesswoman. When sparks fly between you and the nanny you just hired, will you be able to keep it professional, or give in to your forbidden desire?
This LGBTQ+ story will rock your socks off!

🔥Three’s Company
Story introduction: Wayne, your step-brother, tried to seduce you more than once. You kept your preference a secret until he brings home his new girlfriend, Lily. She torments you with pleasure. What will happen to the three of you?

🔥Our Royal Secret
Story introduction: Your “perfect” demeanor as the royal princess is about to end as your darkest secret is revealed: You’re in love with a woman. Will you be able to fight against all odds for your freedom and find true love? What are your choices and what will be of your fate?

🔥Fix me
Story introduction: This is a romantic trip for you. Life gets hard and you soon realize that you need professional advice. That’s how you meet Vicky — your sexy therapist. Will you pursue that thrilling spark?

New stories and chapters EVERY DAY! Download Scripts: Romance Chapters now and discover your unique romance! Your story choices are yours to decide!🍭🍭🍭

You can follow us by searching Scripts: Romance Episode on the Facebook, Instagram andTwitter to get the latest information.💖💖💖

Overview Game Source: Scripts Untold Secrets Google Play

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At the end of the day, enjoy the enjoyable stories of the game.

mod apk for Scripts Untold Secrets will still help you to make the right decision. Take a peek at the multiple turns and make a call dependent on your intuition.

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