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Venture to the could city!

Sky Utopia Overview

Sky Utopia

Oars, a celestial city surrounding a skyward fountain, hosts four races united by faith in Oceanos, the God of the River. In this serene sky utopia, civilizations thrive harmoniously.

Despite the tranquility, malevolent forces threaten, prompting the formation of the Adventurer’s Guild. These brave souls, armed with advanced technology, safeguard citizens under Titan blessings. Adventurers choose classes based on race, earning rewards through quests.

Annually, the grand adventurer’s arena seeks Kings of Heroes to confront dragons. For millennia, Heroes defended Oars from threats. However, a fateful day brings the ominous sound of a sky rupture—a crack in the Dimension Fissure!

Despite elders’ efforts to seal it with the Wood Soul, a chaotic demon escapes, attacking Yggdrasil—the rift-sealing key. Now, Oars’ guardians, adventurers don their armor, ready to counterattack!

Developed by Dreamstar Network Limited
Role Playing, MMORPG, Casual, Multiplayer, Competitive multiplayer, Single player, Stylized, Anime,

Sky Utopia Hack APK

Sky Utopia Hack APK

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