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Snipers vs Thieves Overview

Snipers vs Thieves Game

💥💰Become the BEST SNIPER or the ULTIMATE THIEF!💰💥

Play as SNIPER or THIEF!!!
Multiplayer asymmetric gameplay. Two Unique ways to play, as the SNIPER, take out the THIEVES and protect you CASH from being taken. As the THIEVES dodge bullets and get to the getaway van quickly to escape with your hard-earned winnings.

Choose what you want to play, with the SNIPER go head to head with other SNIPERS to take down the most thieves, play by yourself to take down the THIEVES before they escape or see how long you can survive against the HORDE of THIEVES. With the THIEF choose between competitive or cooperative game modes, race to be the first Thief to the van and leave the others behind or work together by causing distractions so that you all escape.

Amazing GADGETS and GUNS!!
Customize your abilities by choosing from over 40 different gadgets for you THIEF or SNIPER so that players don’t know what’s going to hit them. Also, choose from 20 unique GUNS.

CUSTOMISE your look to show your personality!
Choose between 150 MASKS and 30 different SUIT COLOURS to show off your own UNIQUE STYLE. Make sure you are memorable to others!

REAL-TIME PvP Battles!
Fast paced PvP action that will keep you coming back for more!!!

Show your skills with MISSIONS!
Complete MISSIONS to unlock new titles for your characters! Display these to other players to prove how great you really are. The missions will push your skills, are you good enough to complete them all?




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Snipers vs Thieves Hack APK

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Snipers vs Thieves won’t shake the life in general. However, you can enjoy this game for a couple of hours, particularly if you look for something different with your mates, who aren’t gamers.

Using Snipers vs Thieves mod apk you can quickly update your thieves or sniper.

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