Survive Mola mola Hack APK Unlimited MP

Survive Mola Mola hack apk is a cute and adorable game that will entice you to use it. What’s the point of making it? And you’ll have unlimited MP. If you have an unlimited MP, you can purchase a range of foods.

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Survive Mola mola Overview

Survive Mola mola Game

8 million downloads of the pupular app in Japan!
Released in the English version of the Molas nurturing game!

The “”closest animal to heaven”” has arrived!!
Take care of your mola! Brand-new nurturing game where “”death=pleasure””

Molas are pretty distinct with a large and oddly-shaped body.
However, they are actually very delicate. The smallest thing can make them die (´・ω・`)

【Cause of death】
Dive into the deep-end too quickly
→Wow, the water is so cold!

Sun bathing
→When I woke up, I was on land

Jump to kill a parasites riding on the body
→Fell and struck the water!

Don’t let your mola die. Grow your mola to the world’s biggest 2.5t class!

Overview Game Source: Survive Mola mola Google Play

Survive Mola mola Hack APK

Survive Mola mola APK mod hack

✓ Get Unlimited MP
✓ No root, Android compliant
✓ Apps must be installed on same devices

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Videos of Survive Mola mola Hack APK

Maintaining a mola mola isn’t as simple as you might believe, because a mola mola can die at any time. Just like, anything you do with Mola Mola is potentially fatal. This happens, for example, when you eat your Mola Mola. In that case, it is possible that he will eat some plastic believed to be a jellyfish, so he will die Sudden Death. or alternatively, perhaps when you are gambling by doing something like jumping into the water, the Mola mola sometimes jumps too high and falls in the water to their death.

If you use Survive Mola Mola mod apk, you won’t have to think about Mola Mola dying. You can also do different types of new adventures with an Unlimited MP supply, enabling Mola Mola to expand.

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