Three Kingdoms The Shifters Hack APK Unlimited Sycees

Using the Three Kingdoms The Shifters hack apk, you will get an unlimited Sycees. This is the paying currency that allows you to buy a number of in-game items, including the buff.

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Three Kingdoms The Shifters Overview

Three Kingdoms The Shifters Game

World Invasion Feels Different When You Do It with a Girlfirend!
Feel It Yourself! Visual Novel Kingdom Builder!

One day, you wake up late for work and encounter a mysterious blonde girl on the way to the office.
You soon faint after confronting her. And the next thing you see is Mountain Beimang in China in the September of 189.

You become an ordinary man who happens to time-travel 1829 years backwards from the March of 2018.
You can rewrite the history of the Three Kingdoms period with the modern knowledge of science and all that.
Conquer the entire world and hire Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and so on as your champions.
And do your best to make the beauties fall in love with you.

Ye-ji the girl with the secret, Tang Qing the odd child of Sichuan Tang Family, Ji-hyo the unexpectable, the devil with the blonde hair, Cai Yan the marvelous musician, and more! The story will be about you and all those heroines.

This is the harmony of visual novel and classic strategy!

This is the Three Kingdoms you have been waiting for, Three Kingdoms : The Shifters.

Overview Game Source: Three Kingdoms The Shifters Google Play

Three Kingdoms The Shifters Hack APK

Three Kingdoms The Shifters APK mod hack

✓ Get Unlimited Sycees
✓ No root, Android compliant
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Videos of Three Kingdoms The Shifters Hack APK

You have to pay attention to aspects of war and city when building a kingdom.

The Kingdoms of the Three Kingdoms The Shifters mod apk allow you to gain an unlimited money. Making your kingdom the best by advancing forward in the game.

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