Westward M Hack APK Unlimited Spirit Stone Unlock VIP 8

If you use the Westward M hack apk, then you will get unlimited spirit stones and the VIP 8 unlock feature. Use spirit stones to increase the character’s CP. With high CP, you can collect coins easily. Coins are needed to cultivate the characters they have. In addition, you will also get special benefits if you have become a VIP 8. You can have super rare characters obtained from VIP rewards. Besides that, you can also get arena features daily purchase chances + 14, stamina pill daily purchase chances + 15, gold keys, legendary gear and other interesting items.

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Westward M Overview

Westward M Game

☑Spring Festival Mini Game – Lucky Red Envelope(Hong Bao) for you!
☑Lucky Bag – Win rich rewards from [Spring Festival Event]
☑Limited-Time Event- Fruitful Year Challenge
☑Peace All Year Round – Spring Festival Login Event
☑New Golden Hero – Monkey God, Nine-colored Deer, Prince of Dharma
☑New Red Hero – Phantom, Masked Master
☑New Avatar Frame – Tiger’s Might

☛This is an RPG mobile game authorized by the Hong Kong comic [Westward].
☛Brand new original story, subvert your understanding of “”Journey to the West””.
☛Tang Sanzang became a fighter, [Scriptures] turned out to be a young girl, long hair Buddha, and a powerful Guanyin. This time, Tang Sanzang and his disciples no longer “”Collect scriptures”” for the people, but set foot on the “”Road of returning scriptures””. That’s the “”Journey to the West”” you never before! Get start now!

⚇⚇⚇Game Feature⚇⚇⚇
▶▶ West Journey All Roles Included◀◀
Sun Wukong, Nyorai, Er Lang God, Nezha, Ox King, Senior Moral and so on. All the roles in Journey to the West are all included, come to collect them!

▶▶Winning Buddha Debut◀◀
God of War Sun Wukong and 100+ gods and demons of Journey to the West get in the battle and cooperate with each other for more tactic gameplay. Hero Bonding, Skill Combo, Exclusive Gear, Beast Capture, Lineup Restraint and unique Merge Skill can reverse the situation in crucial moment and dominate the three realms.

▶▶Immersive Experience◀◀
With the animation and comics, classic story + original story, you can witness all familiar popular roles with a brand new leading character. Chapters will gradually bring you to a new journey to the west.

▶▶Diversified PVP Gameplay◀◀
Create brand new Guild and lead Guild Members to conquer lands and plunder resources. Hot-blooded battle is on the verge of breaking out, and the legendary Guild will be born. Experience cross-server competitions and multi-server battles, use strategy to dominate the whole server.

Overview Game Source: Westward M Google Play

Westward M Hack APK

Westward M APK mod hack

✓ Get Unlimited Spirit Stone, Unlock VIP 8
✓ No root, Android compliant
✓ Apps must be installed on same devices

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[Westward M] is adapted from the fight comic Journey to the West (Formerly known as West Journey), created by Hong Kong comic writers Zheng Jianhe and Deng Zhihui. With the original authorization, the game highly restores the comic story. Use the first angle of view to experience the passionate Journey to the West and start the most overturning legend of the journey to the West in history.

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