Zoo Island Exotic Garden Hack APK Unlimited Coins Lives Hourglasses

Zoo Island Exotic Garden hack apk adds unlimited coins, lives, and hourglasses to the game. If you want to skip the puzzle and see how the island is progressing, use these hourglasses.

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Zoo Island Exotic Garden Overview

Zoo Island Exotic Garden Game

In the captivating animal game Zoo Island, you slip into the role of a zoo director. Welcome wild animals and cute pets into the zoo of your dreams in this amazing free game! Build the zoo garden to see the wild animals live happy lives in harmony with the help of your skilled zoo team. Zoo Island is an amazing saga story of Match 3 puzzles where the fun matching levels never end! Solve Match 3 puzzle levels, match animals, blast fruits to become the ultimate zoo tycoon!

Explore the story

To create a Zoo paradise for animals, play challenging levels in the style of three in a row game. Match cubes, swap gems, crash toys, smash candy, blast fruits, and use rocket boosters. For each passed Match 3 level, you’ll receive a reward to build new habitats, shops, houses, and other constructions on the island. Get the needed decorations, expand the zoo, and enlarge animal collection. Get ready for stunning tropical Zoo Island adventures!

Become a zoo manager

If you’ve played the games about restaurant or hotel managers, farmers, designers, builders, megapolis mayors, it’s time to run the zoo! Wonderful graphics, special events available, many scenarios you can follow, and a chance to test your management skills. Zoo Island is a fantastic zoo simulation game where you’ll design, build, and supervise an exotic zoo. Both tycoon game newbies and experienced business management gamers will enjoy it. Happy zoo management!

Solve Match 3 puzzles

Zoo Island is a Match 3 puzzle game where you can build a wonderful zoo for comfortable animal life on an exotic tropical island. Match three and more candies, cookies, and fruit jelly to create bomb explosion. Feed the hungry pets with all the tasty fruits and vegetables you can pick. After solving fun-to-play casual match three puzzles, you can build new animal homes and training paddocks for animals.

Rescue animals

Wildlife, safari, sea world and exotic animals are waiting for the zoo keepers to rescue them! Start building habitats so that the animals feel welcome. Design your own animal kingdom. Take care of your new pets and fall in love with all adorable animals!

Build the zoo

Join in the fun of building the ultimate zoo on the Zoo Island! Let your fantasy run wild! Build, manage and develop your dream Zoo! Create the zoo that both visitors and animals enjoy. Prove your strategy of zoo construction and animal care. Play wisely, make all animals happy, and one day you’ll turn from a zoo keeper to a Zoo tycoon!

Play with animals

With this fun zoo simulation Zoo Island, you’ll become an expert in animal behavior! This family game features animals of all kinds so you’ll explore species from around the world. Want to know everything about penguins, lions, elephants, and toucans? In the adorable zoo game Zoo Island, you can! Create a paradise Island where animals live in harmony!

Teach animals

It will be super fun and you can play all the animal games with Zoo Island! Develop a training school to teach animals to do funny tricks like somersaults, jumps and even walk through barriers. With a little know-how, you can train your pet to perform many behaviors. And don’t forget about interesting and fun rewards – snacks, toys, a back scratch, or animals’ favorite activities.

Play with friends

Do your friends care about the wildlife that we share the world with? Invite them to join the zoo saga adventure. Show your zoo park to your friends and work together to create the perfect zoo!

Play now

Do you love animals? Do you have what it takes to be a zoo keeper and a zoo tycoon? Have a roaring good time with zoo adventure game Zoo Island! Build a zoo, play with cute animals and solve Match-3 puzzles! Now you are responsible for your own exotic island, tropical garden, and unique zoo. Set animal enclosures, construct the necessary buildings and grow plants to design the environment. Enjoy the fun mix between a Zoo Island management challenge and a popular Match-3 puzzle game with animals!

Overview Game Source: Zoo Island Exotic Garden Google Play

Zoo Island Exotic Garden Hack APK

Zoo Island Exotic Garden APK mod hack

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Videos of Zoo Island Exotic Garden Hack APK

To be able to follow the plot, players must finish each level.

With Zoo Island Exotic Garden mod apk, you can get unlimited money. Plays may acquire a range of boosters, such as Birds, Shovel, and other objects, with Coin. Coins may also be used to gain additional moves if the player struggles to finish a stage without missing any lives. If the player runs out of lives, they can purchase more with a certain amount of Coins and continue the game.

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